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Dr. Zuhair Abdulraheem Maimani known at the level of Arab countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular for his interest in humanistic activities aimed at improving the living standards concerning health and social of the needy in the community, coming to perform Hajj and Umrah for people with disabilities and their integration in society. Also launched an initiative Samia to perpetuate the memory of his sister, Dr. Samia Maimani, where he created a charitable foundation dedicated to transfer and burial of the dead, also founded the Health Coverage Foundation dealing with service pilgrims to the sanctuary and secured them with all means of comfort with the transportation by air and land without hardship or trouble to them.

Then Creative Zone foundation began in the city of Sharjah under the name Unique Institution for trade. The beginnings of the projects were with confidence to the rehabilitation and care for the disabled through the program “Color your life” who had adopted a number of people with special needs. Their creativity in the form of congratulations cards were marketed through the center. The program has proved a great success and contributed to praise God in support of the projects exceeded amount of million dirhams.

Then the Foundation worked hard in the city of Ras Al Khaimah in 2008 under the name Unique Institution for trade. The beginning of the project with the Society of Mercy for charity the “Home Shield ” a national project for the work of models bearing the logo of every city in the United Arab Emirates then distributed as gifts for occasions and holidays and celebrations. The project has achieved great success and praise. Then “Mercy Charity Pause” project for building mercy charity. Then the “pause orphan” and “One hundred mosque” Project these projects Success exceeded the amount of fifteen million AED.





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