My Medical Directory


“To be the leading group in providing the highest level of Global Assistance Services across the world.â€‌



It is in our hearts to extend a helping hand to people who seeks medical assistance, to people who wants to enhance their own knowledge and wisdom and to people who would like to share what they have, what they know and how they can help. Our mission is to compile a discerning, quality database of health information free for all to use, in an effort to promote health and wellness awareness. We provide effective programs, software and applications for our clients that will make easier for them to cope up with their needs in this medical and health fields. It is providing a wide range and highly informative materials which can be customized and are cost- effective that feeds the curiosity and needs of our clients. My Medical Directory intends to maintain a good relationship with our clients and continually increasing their level of satisfaction by consistently giving them the best of our services and dedicating our time and work for further improvement of everything that we have started.



There are several advantages brought to the patients by My.MD, from simply browsing suspected illness prior to symptoms being experienced and finding detailed data of the different illness known. Not only that, My MD also offers a variety of medical and health services through the advancement of information technology. My MD offers an advance way of managing a patient files and records which will be of great help to all