“With you in the worst momentsâ€‌


The first Saudi Arabia Foundation specialized in providing invaluable service to the citizens and residents for the dead people, as the family of the deceased suffered from the difficulty of transporting the body of the deceased due to the lack of appropriate means to that which befits the dignity of the deceased. So originated the idea of establishing this institution specialized transport and processing of the dead and proved that in a short period large feasibility of the project, which included all of Makah – Jeddah – Taif in Saudi Arabia.


  • Transport and processing of the deceased in the Kingdom by equipped cars for this service..
  • Funeral of the dead to various countries around the world, in collaboration with a number of air cargo companies..
  • Sale items for washing the dead and shroud legitimate..
  • Working 24 hours, seven days a week..
  • Auto mobile for washing the dead..
  • Management and operation of cemeteries.