Dr. Zuhair Abdulraheem Maimani

“Dr. Zuhair Abdulraheem Maimani known at the level of Arab countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular for his interest in humanistic activities aimed at improving the living standards concerning health and social of the needy in the community, coming to perform Hajj and Umrah for people with disabilities and their integration in society. Also launched an initiative Samia to perpetuate the memory of his sister, Dr. Samia Maimani, where he created a charitable foundation dedicated to transfer and burial of the dead, also founded the Health Coverage Foundation dealing with service pilgrims to the sanctuary and secured them with all means of comfort with the transportation by air and land without hardship or trouble to them."


Official Positions and Experiences:

  • Consultant, in Health Affairs
  • Consultant, in charitable and humanitarian
  • Consultant, in international marketing
  • Consultant, in international investment
  • King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Disabled Chlildren Association Center in Jadah
  • Member, of a public association in Mekah AL per Society
  • Director, Makah Association Center for Disabled Children’s 1998 – 2003
  • Executive Director, Makah Medical Hospital Center 1995 -1997
  • Executive Director, Hira General Hospital in Makah 1993 -1995
  • Director, Health Secondary Institute for Boys in the Holy Capital 1993
  • Director, of Administrative and Financial Affairs Hira Hospital 1991 – 1993
  • PR Manager, Hira General Hospital from 1985 -1991
  • Member, American College of health officials 1992 until now
  • Member, Saudi Society of Management since 2000 until now
  • Member, Resource Development for Saudi Arabia Disabilities Children Association since 2002 until now
  • Membership of the celebration of 25th anniversary of the founding of Disabled Children’s Association
  • Membership of the Steering Committee for the generosity of students Chaired by HE Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed travel and the former Minister of Hajj
  • Chairman of the Executive Committee at the generosity of the students in the city of Jeddah
  • Membership of the Committee Charity Associations In the city of Makah

Awards and certificates of appreciation:

  • Arab E-Content Award Winner, Kingdom of Bahrain 2011
  • Best Technology Initiative Award in the Hospital Build Middle East Award, in the medical sector United Arab Emirates 2011
  • Thanks and Appreciation Certificate, for the effort to achieve the objectives of the integration of children with disabilities at public schools to mark the five years to implement the program – Prince Sultan bin Salman
  • Shield Thanks and Appreciation for presidency the Executive Committee in Jeddah and Main Membership of the Steering Committee 2005 for the generosity of the students achieve an amount of sixteen million riyals in the program
  • Thanks and appreciation Certificate, for the implementation of the Convention, “Savola” has made a donation worth nine millions of SR 2004
  • Thanks and Appreciation Certificate, from the Disabled Children’s Association in mark five years of receiving their first child in Jeddah for the outstanding role of the sincere and continuous efforts in the performance of the functions of the Director General of the Centre – Prince Sultan bin Salman, 2005
  • Thanks Certificate, from the General Secretary of the Assembly to propose the idea of special commemorative stamp of the association and the implementation of this nature on the occasion of King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, the presidency of the Supreme Council for Persons with Disabilities 2004
  • Thanks and appreciation Certificate, from the Department of Special Education at Teachers College in Jeddah for the success of the scientific activities of the day’s first special education in Jeddah 2004
  • Honor Certificate, from the Board of Directors of children with disabilities in recognition of their outstanding performance Assembly of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman 2004
  • Thanks and appreciation Certificate, from the Director General of Education in Makah for effective participation in the activities and programs of special education in 2004
  • Thanks and appreciation Certificate, from His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman, to contribute to the donation Princess Sarah Abdel Mohsen Anqari 2003
  • Thanks letter, from Prince Sultan bin Salman to organize and celebrate the success of the center of Makah to mark the twentieth year to take the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, governance and twenty of the founding campus of Assembly in the presence of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques 2002
  • Thanks letter, from His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman, In voluntary participation in the preparation of the Second International Conference on Disability and Rehabilitation 2000
  • Thanks and appreciation Certificate, from the Secretary General of the Assembly on behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman, to organize a fashion show for the benefit of the peoples Center Makah
  • Thanks and appreciation Certificate, On the occasion of the opening of the Centre Disabled Children Association in Jeddah under the auspices of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz – as head of the Commission for Reception 1999
  • Thanks and appreciation Certificate, From the Ministry of Health – Hospital Hira in contributing to the success of the plan of health services for Hajj 1994
  • Thanks letter, from the Ministry of Health to get Hera General Hospital, the title of the ideal hospital in the capital of the Holy 1994